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Very rich, complex flavor, smooth for those who like it dark and strong with a quiet bite.


Breakfast Blend

Light bodied, mild and smooth, a great cup.



Full bodied African/Indonesian blend, exotic.


Chatz Blend

Medium to full bodied, well balanced acidity, a good cup all day long.



The name speaks for itself



Heavy, strong, rich, a real wake-up call.


French Roast

A rich, dark roast.


Iron Mountain

Miners coffee. Rich morning coffee for the great outdoors.



Full bodied, exotic, pleasant bite. Makes a great espresso.


Mocha Java

Yemen & Java Estate blend. Old World, full bodied, rich, earthy. The true original blend.


Potrero Blend

Soft, well balanced, smooth, a blend from Africa/Indonesia regions.


Royal Blend

Rich, well balanced, bold, a blend from the three continents; Central/South America, Africa, Indonesia.


Sierra Blend

Rich, full bodied, pleasant after-taste.


Soma Blend

Full bodied and rich.

Description $/lb. Buy