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Black Tea

Assam Extra Fancy

Extra fancy black tea with rich, malt flavor. Grown at or near sea level, is known for its body, briskness, malty flavor, and strong, bright color. Assam is the second largest tea production area next to China. Origin India.


Ceylon OP

Kenilworth Estate - Classic Ceylon OP, twisted wiry leaf. Origin: Shri Lanka.


Lapsang Souchong

Jet black roughly twisted tea. This is one of the orginal scented teas. Sometimes knows as the "Smoke Tea" as it is smoke dried over pinewood fies giving it a distinct smoky flavor. Often used in Russian Caravan blends. The leafe is long and open and provides a smooth and smokey taste. Origin: China. Temperature: 100C/212F (boiling). Infusion time (minutes): 2-2.5.

Oolong Tea

Oolong Pouchong

The name Pouchong means "folded-sort" – so called from the practice of wrapping certain varieties in cotton "paper" during the oxidation stage. Although originally produced in the Fujian province of China, the majority of world production now takes place in the Wenshan area of Taiwan. Most grades of oolong, such as fancy, have been oxidized to approximately 70%, pouchongs are usually fired after only 15% or less. Pouchong teas tend to have a mild sweetness with floral overtones. This type of tea refers exclusively to the most delicate possible of oxidation of Jade Oolong. Almost a green tea, the liquor is yellow-golden and the aroma delicate but more pronounced than that of most green teas. The lightest and most floral, unrolled leaves of a light green to brown color. Origin: Taiwan. Temperature: 180°F to 190°F (not boiling). Infusion time (minutes): 3-4.


Oolong Choicest

Oolong means "Black Dragon" in Chinese. Its between green and black in oxidation (between 70% and 10%). Oolong leaves can be brewed 3 to 4 times and the tea gets better with each brewing. This Oolong has an extra large, silver tipped leaf. Origin: Taiwan. Temperature: 180°F to 190°F (not boiling). Infusion time (minutes): 3-4

Blended Tea

Chatz Blended English Breakfast Tea

A classic blend of full strength Indian & Chinese black teas, to be brewed stiff and strong. Great with milk.

Green Tea

Dragon Phoenix Pearl

A fine green tea, beautifully hand rolled with Jasmine blossoms, creating a fragrant and delicate cup. Origin: China


Dragon Well First

Also referred to as Longjing. Very gentle and sweet, these teas can be quite expensive. Longjing tea leave are pan fired (not fried) to stop the "fermentation" (drying/oxidation) process. Longjing has the highest concentration of catechins among teas, second only to white teas. Catechins are thought to stop the aging process and is considered an antioxidant that helps protect the skin from UV radiation-induced damage. The tea leaves can be eaten after infusion. Origin: China. Infusion time (minutes): 1.5-2


Dragon Well Third

See Dragon Well First.


Gunpowder Special Grade

The leaves are rolled tightly into small rount pellets ranging from Pinhead to Pea Leaf whereby it gets it's name. The smaller the roll the more expensive the tea. The tight roll helps the tea remain fresher for a longer period of time. The cup is of medium body. Origin: Zheijang, China


Gyokuro Asahi

Origin: Japan.


Jasmine Fancy

In China it is called Jasmine flower tea. A traditional silver tipped, green tea naturally scented with jasmine flowers. The flavor is slightly sweet and finishes very clean. Great iced! Region: Fujian, China. Infusion time (minutes): 1.5-2


Sensha Koto

Sencha literally means roasted tea, however, it actually steamed for 15-45 seconds to prevent oxidation and then dried, giving the tea an almost grassy flavor. As compared to Chinese-style green teas, it is greener and slightly more bitter. It is one of the most popular teas in Japan for everyday drinking both cold and iced. Origin: Japan. Temperature: 80C/165F. Infusion time (minutes): 45 sec. - 1


Young Hyson


Flavored Tea


Chinese black tea flavored with delicate gold flower petals and the essence of apricot. Delicious served hot or cold.


Blue Mist

A black tea flavored with strawberry/kewi and accented with blue mallow flowers and gold flowers. Delicious served hot or iced.


Earl Grey

A traditional blend of rich, black tea flavored with the natural oils from the rind of bergamot orange, a fragrant citrus fruit.



Black tea naturally flavored with deep mango and accented with gold flower petals. Makes a delicious iced tea.


Passion Fruit

A black tea naturally flavored with the tartness of passion fruit and the exotic scent of tropical flowers. Delicious served hot or cold.


Peach Passion

Chatz Herbal Tea





Cranberry Orange - Organic

Blending the delicious flavors of fresh fruit with all organic herbs--chamomile, pungent rose hips and tart hibiscus.


Spicy Mint - Organic

Decaf Tea

Earl Grey Decaf


English Breakfast Decaf

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