Yun - Wu Cloud Mist Supreme

Classic fresh China flavor with smooth, toasty aroma, light body and a clean finish

TYPE Green
GRADE Whole Leaf

The tea garden where we source our Organic Yun Wu—Cloud Mist tea uniquely situated atop the famed Putuo Shan (Mount Putuo) located on a remote island of the same name in the Southeast Zhoushan region of Zhejiang province. The garden was originally planted and maintained by Cinese Buddhists, and is one of the most sacred buddhist sites in China. Visiting the garden, it becomes clear why it is so sacred: The lush vegetation, combined with nearly perpetual cloud coverage and cool mist, make for nearly ideal tea growing conditions for green tea manufacture. The garden itself is completely self sustained managed by local farmers who tend to the plants year-round. The tea is produced during the late spring and summer months. Fresh plucked leaf is taken down the mountain to the nearby factory, where it is delicately handled through the final firing and packaging. For those seeking some of the purest green tea from China, with true representation of the classic pan-fired green tea character, Yun Wu is an excellent choice